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Since 1983, Spectra Property Management Software has helped thousands of real estate management professionals achieve their growth objectives, become more competitive and increase their productivity and profits.

Our solutions are suited to all types of portfolios including single family homes, apartments, commercial buildings, offices, industrial strips, shopping centers, condominiums and H.O.A.'s.

Property Management Software
"You have the best service of any software company I've ever been involved with."
Danny Levy
Viewsign Investment
Los Angeles, CA
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Why evaluate Spectra? Simply put, our Property Management Software is the product of over 30 years of development and fine tuning, tailored to the needs of your industry.

Our seasoned team has been designing, marketing and supporting our software for more than 30 years. We continue to work with our clients daily to refine our property management software into an even more comprehensive, flexible and powerful application.

We focus on leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft® systems platforms and office technologies. Our solutions can be adopted quickly and easily. Our solutions are also seamlessly integrated to the Microsoft Office Suite. For example, you can export reports to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel with a single click. We also have an interface from our database to Microsoft Outlook so you can schedule events and appointments in both products simultaneously. Finally, you can even create letters or faxes in Spectra which automatically access Microsoft Word templates.

We strive to add real value for our clients. If this is the kind of property management software solutions company you want working for you, we invite you to explore our site.

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